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A Trip to Mt. Trashmore- A Park worth visiting in Virginia Beach

CIMG4688(1)For those of us who live in Virginia Beach, we drive by Mt. Trashmore heading North or South on 264 often.  But how often do you make the trek to Mt. Trashmore when the weather is nice?

Mt. Trashmore is the perfect park to get away from our daily schedule and the business of life and spend a few hours with our kids or grandkids.  The park is big enough you can find your own corner to enjoy the outdoors without sitting right next to someone else trying to do the same.  It is a perfect local family outing located in the heart of Virginia Beach and is a quick drive from most of Chesapeake and Norfolk.

Mt. Trashmore has a lake with a walking/running path, a large playground, several small play areas, bathrooms, a skate park and 2 man made mountains to climb up and explore.  The main mountain is 60 feet high and 800 feet long.  The entire park is a 165 acres.

There are picnic tables and covered picnic areas you can use to have a picnic or cookout.  The park is perfect for both young kids and teenagers because of the many activities families can do together.


          • Four Large Picnic Shelters
          • Five Small Picnic Shelters
          • Three Volleyball Courts
          • Horseshoe Pits
          • Playgrounds
          • Skate Park
          • Walking Trail (Approx. 1.45 miles)
          • Vending Machines
          • Public Restrooms (open limited hours)
          • Concessions (open limited hours)

CIMG4698(1)If there is enough wind Mt. Trashmore is the perfect spot to fly a kite and you will see many kites flying through the sky above Mt. Trashmore when the wind conditions are right.

For more information about Mount Trashmore Park check the City’s website here.

Or to check other city parks and natural outdoor spaces in Virginia Beach click here.



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