Friday May 25th 2018



Thanksgiving Turkey Craft – Impressive Holiday Table Setting

Thanksgiving-TurkeyYour guests and kids will love this quick & easy Thanksgiving Turkey to make for everyone at your dinner table. Made from all natural materials, this turkey will take your table setting up a notch with a really elegant look. And the best part is that it is so quick and easy to make.

For each Turkey you will need:
1 mini pumpkin
Natural colored round toothpicks
Leaves, 4-8 depending on leaves chosen
Small pinecone for Head (can substitute available material)

Use pressed leaves for long-term use or prepare these little turkeys the night before,or morning of, the big feast!

Turn pumpkin on side, then break off 4 ends of toothpicks about 1 1/2 inches long. Insert the pointed ends into what will be the bottom of the turkey. You may have to press the toothpick on table after poking the tip in to the pumpkin to get to just the right length.

You can either glue the leaves on or use end of toothpicks to secure the leaves, as shown. Any type of leaf will look great and if you want you can use different types of leaves for each pumpkin, for variety.

Glue pinecone on for head or you can just make a small paper ball and tape on with masking tape, then paint.

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