Saturday January 19th 2019



A day trip to the Safari- go visit the Virginia Safari Park

Just a few hours from Hampton Roads, Va or even from Washington, DC is the Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, VA.  Natural Bridge, VA is right beside Lexington, VA and takes approximately 4 hours to drive there from Virginia Beach, VA.    The Safari Park is a 180 acre park where hundreds of animals are able to roam free.  Cars can drive through the animal-encounter park by taking a road that runs through the park to view and feed the animals.

The experience is one of a kind.  You will encounter animals you would likely not get to see otherwise or at least not on an open plain.  We saw Buffalo, Zebra, many types of Antelopes, llamas, Cattle, Ostriches, and so many other animals.

There is even a Giraffe Feeding station where you can feed and touch a giraffe.  That was a definite highlight.

As you slowly drive through the winding road, you can roll down your windows to feed the animals.  If you have a minivan you can open your sliding doors to feed the animals.  It is a photographer’s dream and a family event to remember.  This is one trip you don’t want to forget your camera and video camera.

You will be given a booklet at the entrance- it has all of the animals listed and the park rules on the back of the book.  It lists three animals you are not to feed.

Cost: per person fee to enter the park

$14.00 adults

$10.00 children

$13.00 seniors

pay $3.00 per bucket of feed (recommend buying 4 buckets for $10.00)

Note:  When letting your kids feed the animals be aware that the larger animals will push down with force and may take the bucket out of their hands.  I would suggest only allowing your kids to feed the smaller, less aggressive animals or have an adult help them hold the bucket.

There is also a 10 acre walking zoo with a few snakes and reptiles, a petting zoo, monkeys, birds, tigers, kangaroos (they looked very old), and a handful of other animals.  The walking zoo is small and nothing to write home about, but it is a nice ending to the experience after being in the car.  The giraffe feeding station made the walking portion worth it.

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