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Clean Your House without Toxic Chemicals- A Giveaway and Tips from Seventh Generation

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Are you a cleaning conscious mama already or interested in switching to non-toxic cleaning products for the first time?  We have a great Seventh Generation Cleaning Kit Giveaway and Tip to help your home sparkle without the toxic chemicals.

Thanks to Seventh Generation Mommi911 is giving away a Cleaning Kit that includes:

  • Ivette’s top three cleaning tools (pocket scraper, microfiber rag and scouring pad)
  • -          Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes
  • -          Seventh Generation Natural all-purpose spray
  • -          Seventh Generation Natural dish liquid
  • -          Seventh Generation Recycled paper towels

To enter the contest- read the cleaning tips and ideas below and then tell us why you want to win this Seventh Generation Giveaway or what cleaning tip you will use.  To get extra entries follow us on facebook- and also on twitter- .

Contest will run May 19th until June 5th.

I will admit it, I like a clean house.  I will also admit I do not always have time to clean every room as often as I should.  I tend to clean and tidy up the downstairs daily and wait on the bedroom and upstairs bathrooms when I can wait no longer.

Well before I had kids I was interested in using non-toxic cleaning products that were safe to use in our home and around our home.  Once we had kids I even made my husband stop putting anything on the lawn as I did not want our yard that our children will play on covered in chemicals.  Well we now have an organic lawn or a lawn of mixed weeds, but hey at least my kids aren’t rolling around in chemicals that can hurt their growing bodies.

Kids Cleaning a BathroomI also have eager children who want to help me clean.  they especially like spraying the cleaner and wiping it off.  If I used cleaners that were toxic I could not allow my children to help me a little or even be around when I cleaned.  But with cleaning products that are safe for my family and the planet I can let them help.

I have several strategies for getting my house clean and tidy.

I keep a collapsible fabric bin ready to collect any random toys, clothing or items that have not been put away.  I can quick stash the bin if someone comes over without much notice.

In the bin I keep non-toxic cleaning wipes that I use to wipe down counters, tables or even a spot on the floor.

I focus my efforts on the rooms that will be seen and used the most- the foyer, kitchen, family room and downstairs bathroom.

I use non-toxic cleaning products- primarily Seventh Generation, and also Method.  Of course, there are many other brands and I have used most of them.  Find a line you like or make your own cleaning solutions with baking soda, vinegar, and dish liquid.

Seventh Generation is offering tips from Ivette Green on how to get your house sparkling clean.  There are so really good tips that will save you time and get your house clean in no time.  My favorite tips from Ivette are:

Ivette’s Five Golden Rules of Cleaning

Rule 1: Go Top-to-Bottom.
Whether it’s a room or a bookcase, clean from the top to the bottom and you won’t have to go back and pick up any stray dirt or errant dust that falls as you go. (I sometimes don’t think of this but it makes perfect sense and will save us time).

Rule 2: Go Back to Front.
Always clean from back to front for similar reasons. If it’s a room, start in a rear corner and work toward the door. If it’s a cabinet, begin in the back and clean out toward the edge.

Rule 3: Work Clockwise.
Pick a starting spot and work in a steady clockwise direction. Working systematically in this way will ensure that you don’t forget anything and won’t have to spend any time thinking about it!

Rule 4: Don’t Use or Do More Than You Need To.
Always start with a small amount of cleaning product and use more as necessary for tough spots and other challenges. Using more than you need to start only creates more work when it’s time to rinse everything off!

Rule 5: Look Before You Leap.
If you’re cleaning something you’ve never cleaned before and/or using a product for the first time, you’ll save a lot of premature hair loss by always testing things first to make sure you won’t cause any damage.

Many of us spend extra money of specialty cleaning products, but if you use safe, non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaning products you can by fewer products that can do many jobs.  Ivette gives us tips on how to clean the 5 spots in our house that get the dirtiest and we often buy extra cleaning products to tackle.

As a cleaning expert, Ivette knows how to handle the greatest challenges without harm. Here’s how she protects the top five hot spots on Planet Home:

The Oven. Oven cleaners are among the most hazardous available, and heat intensifies their toxicity. Make ovens sparkle by first wiping them down to remove loose material. Spray on Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner and add a light sprinkling of baking soda if you’ve got serious baked-on grime. Wipe everything clean after a 5-minute soak, and use a final vinegar wipe to make it all gleam. Watch the expert at work!

The Microwave. Toxic cleaner residues in the microwave can contaminate any foods that follow. Clean yours with Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner and rinse with vinegar to keep these hazards off the menu. Watch the expert at work!

The Cutting Board. Wooden cutting boards often harbor dangerous bacteria, but did you know that they can also absorb the chemicals from conventional cleaning products? In order to keep toxic ingredients away from food surfaces, clean your cutting board naturally with Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid and follow up with a vinegar rinse.

Stainless Steel. Skip the specialized products and clean stainless steel surfaces by applying Seventh Generation Natural All-Purpose Cleaner to a microfiber cloth. Use the cloth to scrub then wipe with the grain in one steady direction. Watch the expert at work!

Windows. Make short work of this housekeeping headache by first removing spots, grease, and stickers (moisten with Seventh Generation Natural All-Purpose Cleaner and scrape off stickers with a spatula). When dry, spray on Seventh Generation Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner. Wipe in one direction only with a rag, microfiber cloth or recycled paper towel—not newspaper (it’s better to recycle the newspaper!). Watch the expert at work!

I love new ideas that will help me get the housework done quicker and safer so I can go enjoy the rest of the day.  Here’s to a healthier and cleaner house so we can go enjoy the world!

To enter the contest you must be 18 years or older and live in the continental US and have a valid mailing address.  Winner must respond within 24 hours or we will select a new winner.

This giveaway cleaning kit has been provided by Seventh Generation.

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