Monday October 22nd 2018



DIY Winter Reindeer Craft Project

These striking Silver Reindeer are a great and inexpensive family craft project.  The kids have fun collecting the sticks and they can even help assemble the reindeer.  Although we made our silver you could also paint yours white or even red.  For a really elegant centerpiece, make an entire herd of reindeer of varying sizes, but all painted the same color.  We think silver is the best as the reindeer can then stay on the table well through the winter.


  • Assorted sticks
  • Silver or metallic duct tape
  • Silver spray paint
  • Garden clippers
What To Do:

  1. After gathering the sticks, cut 1 body piece 6″ long, 4 legs 9 ” long, 1 V-shaped head-neck piece (neck 4″ long and head section 2 ” long.)
  2. Make antlers from small branches, cutting 2 lengths about 7-8″ long.
  3. Using tape, connect legs to front and back of body, twisting a thin strip of duct tape around each leg and the body several times to get a good joint.
  4. Connect head/neck section, repeating the taping process.
  5. Add antlers, one at a time, fastening well with the tape.
  6. Spray reindeer and let dry completely.
  7. You may even want to make a herd of reindeer, varying sizes, for a stunning centerpiece.

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