Saturday January 19th 2019



Patriotic Star Mobile Craft for 4th of July

Make this fun Star mobile for the 4th of July to decorate your picnic area.  Or hang this patriotic mobile inside your doorway to greet guests.  Easy to make 4th of July craft.  Arts and crafts for kids are one of their favorite summer activities.  Let them help make this mobile.  for the kids be sure to print some of the free Patriotic printables on our sister site

You Will Need:

  • Plastic lid or top inch from a discarded round cereal container
  • Red, white and blue cardstock or old file folders
  • Red paint and/or red duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line or string
What To Do:

  1. Print star patterns and trace onto cardstock.  We made one white and 2 red, 2 blue stars.
  2. Poke a tiny hole using a pushpin in the top of each star.
  3. Paint lid or container rim and let dry.  Or use red duct tape to cover.
  4. Cut a piece of fishing line for top and make a loop at top, with even length strings hanging.  Tape to top of lid or inside edges of rim, using duct tape.  Try to center as well as possible so mobile will hang level.
  5. Cut a length of fishing line for each star, insert into hole and tie off end close to star.  Tape ends of fishing line to inside top of mobile, hanging stars at random lengths.  Attach one star to center … we placed our white star in center.

For more 4th of July crafts.

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