Saturday January 19th 2019



Parent Alert – Allergies to Car Seats

If you have a child, infant or toddler who has a rash or bad case of eczema, and the child still sits in a car seat, please read this information.  Some children appear to be having allergic reactions to the fabrics used in car seats that have been treated with various chemicals, probably relating to fire retardant safety.

A Missouri mother was trying to figure out what was causing her 5 month old son’s cause of what the doctors diagnosed as eczema.  And if the baby rode in the car seat for even a short time, it was raging. The mom vented on Facebook after a particularly rough outing in the car. As a status update, she typed, “Nearly 30 minutes in the car seat this morning and the baby’s eczema is raging. I’m gonna lose my mind.”

One of her friends saw the posting and suggested she connect with another mom who had a similar story. She looked at photos of the child’s rash and thought it looked identical to her son’s skin condition. It turns out that mother’s son had a rash that would not go away until she switched car seats.  That very same day, she decided to not use that car seat anymore. Ten days later, his skin was clear.

A study released last week on found “chemicals of concern” in 60 percent of car seats tested, including brominated flame retardants, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals

Full story NBC Action News

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